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History of Nouâtre

Nouâtre goes back to the Roman Period and before. The former Roman way is called back by the names of the current streets :  Allée des Romains et Rue du Temple.

In 10th and 11th centuries, Nouâtre is a strengthened village, with one "central stronghold" and a "lower court" bounded by deep ditches that we continue to see 1000 years later

The church was built in 1435 on the site of an old church at first built in 940. The castle, today in ruins, was built in the XIIIth century. It was destroyed during the revolution of 1791.

Located at the edge of river La Vienne, in the South of Indre-et-Loire, Nouâtre, which was a city, siege of a barony, is a peaceful small village today, full of charm.

Plan parcellaire.png

Plan of La Clé des Jardins with the Donjon (dating the 19th century)

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